Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone)

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About Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone): Empower Yourself with the Basics of Law and Civics
Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone) is so essential, it should be legally required reading! This book is your pocket guide (it really fits in your pocket!) to the American legal and government system. Written in  plain English, with practical tips and a sprinkling of humor, it will empower you to take charge of your life and to help make society a better place for everyone.

You may be surprised that a lawyer is saying that Law is Not for Lawyers. I’m not saying we don’t need lawyers. But the law affects all people, and everyone needs to know about the law and the legal system.

Once you have the basics down, this knowledge can be the basis for reclaiming your power in society.

Pages: 175

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Written by Tristan Blaine, Law Soup editor-in-chief

Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone) is part of our Law is for Everyone series. See all our books here.

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7 reviews for Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone)

  1. Connie C

    This book is just what I need to understand more about how the law works. Now I feel less intimidated by all the legal terms that used to sound like another language! Thanks for writing this book!

  2. Jessica Chan

    This book a must read for everyone. Without it, it’s like driving without knowing the rules of the road! From what the law fundamentally is, to how to recognize things like invasion of privacy, to knowing what a lawyer does for you and when you might need one, this book really has the power to turn everyone into an informed citizen. Know your rights! Read this book!

  3. Laura Jay

    Review for Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Law is not for lawyers is a perfect book to learn the basics of the law. As the title suggests, the law is for YOU not lawyers. The books takes you through the many branches of government and how they are supposed to support each other and the process of lawmaking. It’s a great way to get familiar with everything you learned in history but with a modern twist that shows how much it matters today.

  4. Sophia Rowland

    Review for Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Loved this book! I started by reading Law Soup’s Freelancer book and ended up reading this one too. ‘Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone)’ is an easy read and gives you a robust understanding of the law without the overwhelming lawyer jargon. Highly recommend this book!

  5. Pouria S

    This book is exactly what it is advertised to be. It is written in a way that is engaging and very easy to read for absolutely anyone. The author points out that some of the content of the book is opinion, but really, the instances where there are opinions throughout are generally just ideas of common sense. There’s a lot of great information in here that needs to be public knowledge.

  6. Tim McNulty

    I really enjoyed reading this book and learned so much. I’m proud to have it on my shelf!

  7. Jackie Lam

    Your book is fabulously written and timely!

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